Reflecting on a year of buying nothing new

Well done! You have sussed the “Good Life” that’s for sure 🙂

being fifty-something

Being fifty-something, I’ve wised up to the fact that good living is not about “things”, it’s about experiences, and people … and relationships.

Twelve months ago I quietly embarked on a year of “buying nothing new” where I challenged myself to take a step back from consuming and, instead, to dance with the notion of restraint and mindful spending.

And dance I have. Merrily. Willingly. Enthusiastically. To the beat of a simpler, more meaningful drum.

Robyn Healey Portrait Collection, State Library of Victoria

Forgive me, for I have sinned three times. Yes, on three occasions, I purchased manufactured retail items. As I expected at the outset, the biggest challenge was not what I myself could do without but what I felt comfortable about imposing on others. Guilt is a powerful driver, is it not? All three “infringements” were gifts for young children. Despite the concession to mass-produced items, I did source them locally from small, independent retailers rather than…

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