10 Tips for Grandparenting When Your Child Has a Large Family…by Linda Carlblom

Pretty cool down to earth tips. 7 in the house at the same time!! Wow…

Doing Life Together

I am Grammy to seven beautiful children, ages thirteen years to three months. I know many of our readers are grandparents, too, and have that many or more grandchildren. But all seven of my grands are siblings who belong to my daughter. That means, when we babysit, we have all seven kids at the same time. How do we manage? Very well, actually.

10846338_10205615174766553_8266204283970250412_n My seven grandchildren. Six boys and one girl. All siblings!

Most of the credit has to go to our daughter and son-in-law, who have raised well-behaved, respectful children. But kids are kids. They can be noisy, irresponsible, and whiny, at least sometimes. And having a lot of kids in a house that is normally quiet and calm brings about quite a change and takes a lot of energy that we’re not used to expending! So here are some tips on grandparenting when your child has a large…

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