Middle age now lasts until 74 as baby boomers refuse to grow old


Old age does not begin until 74, researchers suggest in a new report which looks at the real impact of an ageing population

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor

Collecting the state pension and bus pass at 65 has traditionally been seen as a watershed moment where middle age ends and the twilight years begin.

But new research suggests that old age now starts at 74, with middle age lasting at least nine years longer than current estimates.

Academics from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Vienna, Austria, argue that old age should be measured not by age, but by how long people have left to live.

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Oh yes it is 🙂


  • Old age should be calculated by how many years a person has left to live

  • People aren’t old until they are within 10 to 15 years of dying, scientists say

  • Based on average life expectancy, women are ‘old’ at 73 and men at 70

  • Middle age also starts later; a 60-year-old is now middle-aged, experts said 

Fiona Macrae Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail

The average life expectancy for women in the UK is 82.8 years, meaning British females needn’t consider themselves old until they are 72 or 73.

Similarly, with male life expectancy at 79 years, men don’t become old until they are close to 70.

And if old age starts later, by definition, middle-age does too.

Researcher Dr Sergei Scherbov, said: ‘Age can be measured as the time already lived or it can be adjusted taking into account the time left to live.

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10 Tips for Grandparenting When Your Child Has a Large Family…by Linda Carlblom

Pretty cool down to earth tips. 7 in the house at the same time!! Wow…

Doing Life Together

I am Grammy to seven beautiful children, ages thirteen years to three months. I know many of our readers are grandparents, too, and have that many or more grandchildren. But all seven of my grands are siblings who belong to my daughter. That means, when we babysit, we have all seven kids at the same time. How do we manage? Very well, actually.

10846338_10205615174766553_8266204283970250412_n My seven grandchildren. Six boys and one girl. All siblings!

Most of the credit has to go to our daughter and son-in-law, who have raised well-behaved, respectful children. But kids are kids. They can be noisy, irresponsible, and whiny, at least sometimes. And having a lot of kids in a house that is normally quiet and calm brings about quite a change and takes a lot of energy that we’re not used to expending! So here are some tips on grandparenting when your child has a large…

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Reflecting on a year of buying nothing new

Well done! You have sussed the “Good Life” that’s for sure 🙂

being fifty-something

Being fifty-something, I’ve wised up to the fact that good living is not about “things”, it’s about experiences, and people … and relationships.

Twelve months ago I quietly embarked on a year of “buying nothing new” where I challenged myself to take a step back from consuming and, instead, to dance with the notion of restraint and mindful spending.

And dance I have. Merrily. Willingly. Enthusiastically. To the beat of a simpler, more meaningful drum.

Robyn Healey Portrait Collection, State Library of Victoria

Forgive me, for I have sinned three times. Yes, on three occasions, I purchased manufactured retail items. As I expected at the outset, the biggest challenge was not what I myself could do without but what I felt comfortable about imposing on others. Guilt is a powerful driver, is it not? All three “infringements” were gifts for young children. Despite the concession to mass-produced items, I did source them locally from small, independent retailers rather than…

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